Innovation and the post-recession dawn

How is your business doing? Thriving or just hanging in?

Have you made sufficient fundamental change? “Kicking the can” or “to core”?

Are you thinking, “It’s not really broken so any need to fix it”?

Do you have any of the warning signs that all is not well in your business?

• ROCE > 10% and declining.
• Net Margin > 4% and declining.
• Gearing < 35% and increasing. • Stocks and trade credit increasing. We at MC Partners are committed to value creative change. We believe that doing the right thing in the right way is crucial to having a sustainable business earning in excess of its cost of capital. Do you know what your cost of capital is? Innovation is a key building block in maintaining a sustainable business which must be kept simple and consumer centric. Innovation we believe is about more than just launching new products and line extensions. It covers all aspects of yours business and its operation, products, customers, employees and the processes and systems which you use. With the rapid change in consumer lifestyles, having a broad innovation program is not a luxury, it’s an essential. Innovation is not about this month’s sales, it’s about making real change in order to grow future year’s sales; ignore it at your peril. An MC Partners associate is innovator and designer Robert Monaghan and we attach a short, very readable book in pdf format titled “Outside In” Innovation for real people…………. We hope that reading this book will trigger new directions for your innovative ideas. MC Partners can help you understand and develop the key building blocks which are essential to your business. We will be challenging you on other key blocks in the coming weeks. We believe that this recession is close to a turning point, now is the time to ensure that your business can take advantage of the new reality the post-recession dawn will bring. If you wish to discuss the above or other business issues with us, please give us a call. We are offering a complementary presentation and discussion on the subject of innovation prepared by Robert Monaghan. If this is something you and your management team might find beneficial get in touch with us. Finally we have thirty hardback copies of the book “Outside In - Innovation for real people…… to give away. Call Frank at 087 255 2915 if you would like a copy. First come, first served.......! Yours sincerely, Frank & Bill

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